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In-Symmetry Massage

Balance for your mind & body

Relaxing Treatments

Massage may help promote in-symmetry for your mind and body, it could help to release toxins, promote good health, reduce stress levels, replenish energy levels and aid muscle recovery after exercise, along with many other amazing benefits.

Treatment ideas are listed below, although they can be tailored to suit you as an individual. The length of treatment times can also be adapted, please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns - 07743 894 998.

Treatments are carried out professionally, with modesty being respected at all times, ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole blissful experience.

Full Body Massage - 1.5 hours

The ultimate in relaxation, with head to toe pampering. This detoxifying massage can help to cleanse and purify the body, leaving you re-energised, relaxed and help promote all over well being.

Neck, Chest & Facial Massage - 30 to 45 mins

A luxurious and deeply relaxing massage, allowing you to unwind, whilst targeting tensions in the neck and shoulders. Facial massage aids relaxation and age defying.

Back & Shoulder - 30 to 45 mins

A deeply therapeutic massage focusing on aches and tension of the back and neck, assisting to eliminate knots held in the shoulders and neck. This treatment may help with the release of headaches and is a gentle introduction to massage.

Hand & Arm / Feet & Legs – 30 mins

A luxurious treatment on areas of the body in constant use, but sometimes neglected areas. Leg massage may assist in the combat of cellulite, release in toxin build up and increase further relaxation.

Indian Head Massage - 1 hour

A relaxing treatment to assist with releasing tension in the muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. It can help to improve blood circulation, toxin removal, stress release, fatigue and headaches, leaving you energised and more alert. No oil/products are used throughout this treatment and you remain fully clothed.

At your first appointment I will carryout a free consultation, this includes questions relating to your health, medical history and lifestyle in order for me to tailor your treatment. This will take about 15 – 20 minutes, please allow for this time at your appointment.


30 mins = £30

45 mins = £35

1 hour = £40

1.5 hour = £50

Indian Head Massage = £35